By initiative of NBG in 2009 a development project of utilizing phosphor and nitrogen in discharge water from LBP biogas plant started. As part of the development process a scientific research project, Fixation of Nutrients in Digestate), was organized by the Norwegian University of Life Science (NMBU) financed by the Norwegian Research Council and Norwegian and Armenian industry.

In parallel with the R&D-project, NBG developed a commercial project and found Norwegian and Armenian co-investors for establishing a new Armenian company for production of bio-fertilizer from organic waste sources.  The new company, Organic Waste Processing Company, ORWACO, started as a closed joint stock company in May 2011.

ORWACO CJSC , has become the largest bio-fertilizer production company in Armenia selling its products to the professional agro markets as well as to consumer market. In 2016 the company’s solid and liquid fertilizer products are organically certified by both European and US standards. ORWACO also engage in promoting sustainable agriculture through organizing practical training of farmers and agro companies on its own, and in cooperation with UNDP and the NGO Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment.

ORWACO uses vermin composting technology e.g. using California red worms in a biological production process of biohumus, a rich and potent bio-fertilizer. Controlled cultivation tests on potatoes, vegetable and fruits show 10-40 % yield increases compared with usual fertilizing practice.

Since its start in 2011 the company has acquired comprehensive expertise in worm handling, mixing of organic substrates, production and product quality. We want to share and expand our production knowledge as well as our knowledge of sustainable farming beyond the limits set by our present commercial economy. We are developing crowdfunding projects to supplement own funds for this purpose.

We invite anyone sharing our passion for sustainable organic farming and transformation of organic waste into marketable fertilizing products to contact NBG at or directly to ORWACO at