We live in transitional times that put great strains on individuals as well as companies. Once secure jobs disappear and traditional business models are fast becoming obsolete. Just wishing for change to stop and things getting back to normal is not a good strategy for survival and flourishing.

NBG is offering individuals and companies a “Survival & Flourishing Program” that adapts to the needs of clients.  The main aim is to build resilience to forces of change that helps you co-create the future rather than being passively run over by it.  The program is offered in one-to one format, to smaller groups and as in-company program.  Send me an E-mail on rolf.kevin@nbg.bio with your preference.

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Contents in the Survival & Flourishing Program

Module 1.

All changes are personal. Therefore the program starts with the individual:

Believes that shapes our understanding of ourselves & the world around us. Traditional and new science discoveries influence.  How our conscious and unconscious mind guide behavior. Brain frequencies, brain & hearth coherence.  Emotions and effects on the physical body. Organizational structures and human behavior.


Module 2

In companies individuals cooperate to reach common goals.

Company’s long -and short term goals. Goals and organizational structure. Building trust & shared values.  Matching of qualifications & tasks to functional responsibilities, authority & resources.


Module 3

Individuals and companies acts in an environment.

Prevailing business models impacted on the natural environment & society. Development of Conscious Business model for the 21 century. Transition period from old to new business models.

Business be “an engine” for change. International business examples. Program for change


Module 4

Health & wellbeing in individuals is important for efficiency in organizations

Functional understanding of energy medicine.  Brain structure, neuron connections & pathways. Functions of Amygdala and Mitochondria.  Physiology of limiting believes. Practical guide for changing of limiting believes and powering up the brain.


Module 5

Science is shaping thinking. New science discoveries offer rethinking of what powers we have to shape our life:

Mechanical atom & mechanical universe; Separation & impotence.  Quantum atom & quantum universe; Connectedness, empowerment & co-creation. Bioenergy fields & field exchange. Human emotions effect on Photons & DNA. Epigenetics & toggling of properties in DNA. Cyclic civilizations. Ancient holistic understanding.  Natures guiding principles.  Practical implications for individuals and companies


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