The formula of nbg-diabent is developed by chemistry professor Dr. Science Sergey Hayrapetyan through scientific research in Russia, Armenia and Norway as well as through practical trial projects  with contaminated water.

In 2015 and 2016 a comprehensive testing program is carried out in cooperation with the Norwegian engineering company NOVATEK A.S www.novatek.no   Under the program contaminated water from several types of industry are tested with nbg-diabent in flocculation and sorption process. Cleaned water is then analysed by the accredited laboratory Hardanger Miljøsenter AS www.hm.as.no  For the majority of tested water analysis show large reductions in the 85-100 % range of heavy metals and plant nutrients.

In contrast to metal-based flocculation agents nbg-diabent leaves no trace of heavy metals in the sediment sludge. That is of special importance in recovery of plant nutrients like phosphor and nitrogen since sediments flocculated by nbg-diabent used on farmland without restrictions. Other areas where nbg-diabent can be used to great advantage include:

  • Eject water from tunnel- and road construction
  • Leach water from metal mining
  • Leach water from waste depots
  • Water and sewage plants

NBG, Dr. Sergey and the Armenian chemicals supply company Medisar LLC www.medisar.am  are starting trial production of nbg-diabent in Armenia in 2016. Companies and individuals with a need for cleaning water of heavy metals or recovery of matter for reuse such as plant nutrients etc. can contact us at sergey.hayrapetyan@sciric.ru or rolf.kevin@nbg.bio    We can organize testing and analysis of contaminated water samples, scaled pilot in-situ tests and trial deliveries.